Anchor Students are heading back to Lake Lavon this July for an unforgettable week of authentic connection, spiritual growth, and summertime fun!  From July 22 to 26, students can expect a deepening of their faith, new and lasting friendships, and unforgettable memories.

Anchor Students Camp 2024 is for students entering into 6th grade through graduating high school seniors.



Students can register for Anchor Students Camp 2024 by clicking here. Prices will increase to $250 on April 11 and $300 on June 27.

For more information about what the cost of registration covers, payment due dates, and sibling discounts, please visit the registration link above.


If your student is in need of a financial assistance, please click here to apply for a scholarship. This assistance is available to both individuals and families. All information submitted remains private.


Students will not be allowed to have their phones during camp and we recommend leaving phones at home. Any phones brought to camp will be placed in Ziploc bags and labeled with the student's name, cabin, and counselor. All phones will be kept safely in the Camp Nurse's office and students will receive them back during check-out at the end of camp.


Students can be dropped off on July 22 and picked up on July 26 from the Lake Lavon Camp and Conference Center.

Packing List

A preliminary packing list can be downloaded by clicking here. Team gear and theme night outfits will be announced closer to camp so students can pack accordingly.

We encourage students to label all belongings, pack all belongings into one large suitcase or bin, and stuff bedding & pillows into a laundry bag or bin for ease of transport. When labeling belongings, please use full names rather than initials.

For our younger students, we recommend organizing days by packing clothes in large Ziploc bags with the days written on them.


All medications must be brought in a large Ziploc bag labeled with the student's name and accompanied with a Medication Form, available here. Prescriptions must be in their original container with the student's name and dosage clearly marked. No medications will be given unless they are in original containers, per the Texas Department of State Health Services.

If a student requires an asthma inhaler or antidote for insect bites or allergies (prescribed by a doctor), please bring at least two to camp. The medication must be registered with the Camp Nurse. One will be kept and closely guarded by the student and the other will be given to the Camp Nurse. Similar special cases must be discussed with the Camp Nurse.


For more information about Anchor Students Camp 2024, please make sure to attend our Parent Info Meeting on June 23 from 1:00-1:30 PM at Anchor Church.

For any additional questions, please email Karson Love, our Anchor Students Coordinator, at to help us better prepare you and your student for a great experience!