I moved wide-eyed and terrified from a tiny town of 4,000 for school in 2010 to Dallas Baptist University, never actually having been to Dallas before, where I studied Broadcast Communications and Writing (I graduated in December 2013). I met my husband, Paul, in 2011 one night at church and married him in February of 2014. Paul is the Youth and Young Adults pastor at our church, Anchor, and I help lead worship on Sundays & run The Cake by Hannah. We love our little city of Mckinney, our church, our families, our dog, Presley, and good food.

My hope as a writer is to be unashamedly honest about myself in order to help other girls feel normal and capable of speaking up about their similar struggles. We are all fighting the same battles in our own respect, but somewhere along the way we have been convinced it is shameful to be going through what we are experiencing in life. We have been told a million different things to be, but they just aren’t us. This is a bunch of bologna, and just frankly is not how we should live. Whatever it is you’re going through, I promise you aren’t alone in it. That’s where I have decided to speak up, be a light where darkness has tried to overcome. I have chosen to remove the mask, expose the real day to day, to show you truth.

I am a believer in all things cake & ice cream, and I would eat cake for dinner every night if I could. I am an obsessive doggy mom to Presley the goldendoodle. I enjoy changing my hair color often. I am massively sentimental and nostalgic. I write with the ultimate goal to share the truth that you are loved and believed in. Thank you for reading The Cake. Because of you, my dreams of writing and creating genuine community for women are a reality. I cannot say “Thank you” enough.

I love fashion, food, marriage, life, and most of all, Jesus Christ. So naturally, you will see a lot of that on here. I invite you into my home, my marriage -all walls down- to prove that being real is a lot more fun than trying to present a false self to the world.