What Can I Expect?

Church can be an intimidating place if you've never been before.  That's why we created a whole team dedicated to taking the unknown out of your church visit.  If you're interested in attending next Sunday but have some questions, please contact us and we'll connect you with our Guest Experience team who will help familiarize you with our programs and services.

Faubion Middle School

Surrounded by historic neighborhoods, Faubion is located in the heart of McKinney and is a key part of the community. We consider it an honor to call this beautiful school our home for this exciting time in our church.

With an auditorium close to 700 seats and an expansive campus with more than enough space for your family, you'll find environments that have been crafted for every age group from birth on up!

A Fun & Safe Space for Kids

Anchor Kids is a great place for children to encounter God and discover His purpose for their lives. We're committed to fostering a fun and inviting experience with safety at the core. Anchor Kids offers a quick, safe check-in/check-out process and all staff and volunteers are trained to handle any situations that may arise.