“‘… the Helper, the Holy Spirit, … He WILL teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.’”
John 14:25-26

“Therefore we must pay most careful attention to what we have heard, so we do not DRIFT away from it.”
Hebrews 2:1


Note this: Drifting is losing remembrance and a result of uprooting dependence. Being “driven” is loosing rememberance in the one who brings the outcomes. Both are normal tendencies in us during seasons that we lack healthy dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Dependence is the solution for being “over driven”.
Dependence is the solution for being a “drifter”.

Dependence is rooting down deeply. Depending is anchoring firm and securely. To uproot or to pull up the anchor is to displace dependence. Anytime we displace our core dependence – we lose the power of the voice of the Spirit in our lives. We were made to live by the Holy Spirit and to be Holy Spirit Dependent…completely.



This was a turning point for me.

This morning I found a powerful word that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and that I wrote in my journal in 2008: “Don’t uproot and drift in times that you have peace and feel better. You let up when you smell victory. Finish moments well. Root in more deeply. Stay right here. Do not abandon what got you to the place of peace. It is the same thing that will sustain you. Be still and you will see deliverance”.



When I submit myself to the Holy Spirit’s teaching – it’s always direct. It’s always accurate. It’s always most helpful. Drifters need teaching more than anything. Drifters need steady stable doses of bulls eye targeted teaching.

Have you ever drifted away from right principles, right thinking, right disciplines and right relationships? For a day? For a year? For years? For a moment?

What was that like for you? It is so subtle for me. It’s one slip away and one procrastination building upon another until the end result is HUGE gaps between my way and the way of the Spirit.

Drifting is the result of being unsettled. Straying is the result of wandering. Rebellion is the result of judgments and decisions of the soul.

I used to think that my most painful moments were marked by rebellion, but that wasn’t my nature. I never was a deeply rebellious person. However – I was extremely guilty of drifting and straying.



Here was the cause: I was EXTREMELY driven and caught up in the idolatry of my life outcomes. The outcomes of my life and the impulse desires of my flesh drove me in my core. Both were equally distracting. Both triggered fear and fear always triggered impulses. Being driven is often overly impulsive. I didn’t have a true First Love that was bigger than my ideals and fantasy based outcomes.


More and more, I’m discovering the fullness of walking in the Spirit, being Spirit Led, being humble in His presence, being content with His voice, peace and His outcomes.

Our first and most important relationship in life is with the personhood of God. He is knowable as your father. He is knowable as the Son and Word. He is knowable as the Holy Spirit. He reveals himself to us fully to the degree that we are able to know and receive His voice.


Here’s how I am walking this out today: I still get driven streaks and drifter streaks. I’m human.

The difference is I don’t stray NEARLY as far away as I used to – and I come back to the Holy Spirit much more quickly.

I’m surrendering my thoughts, attitudes, goals, ambitions, and desires of my own heart fully to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I feed myself continually. I’m growing in my awareness of the Holy Spirit. I invite him into my fears and anxieties and I receive His care. He steadies my soul. He quiets my anxiety.

It’s very personal.

He brings it up. We deal with it. When I drift, he brings it up again and we deal with it. This continues until He fills me in a steady peaceful way.



Holy Spirit, thank you for helping me and reminding me of Your Word. Thank you for being with me at all times. Help me today to hear Your voice clearly and to obey. Thank you for settling me and rooting me more deeply in the presence of God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


For Further Study:

Romans 8:12-14, John 15:26, Jeremiah 23:23-24; Psalm 139:7-10; John 16:13; Titus 3:5; Galatians 5:18; Romans 8:26-27

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