“The Spirit Ministers to the Soul” – by Hannah Morrison, Anchor Student Ministries

“Oh Lord, my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” Psalm 30:2

It’s likely you have experienced the distancing of someone you love. The loss of a relationship with a family member or friend due to misunderstandings or disputes. We can have the tendency to harbor bitterness and unforgiveness, all hope is lost in the belief that things could ever be back to the way they once were. Has this ever been you? Rightfully so, with the loss of intimacy comes a period of grieving for those we love. It’s a time we lean into God, with suffering comes a greater need for God of the universe to show us compassion. We learned in our series a bit ago that even the Holy Spirit grieves; likewise, grieving is a part of being human. But, what about those who do not allow the period of grieving for loss?

If ever you have wondered, “Is it okay to feel the emotions I am feeling?”, a quick read through Psalms and you will learn very fast that in order to have a relationship with God, you must feel. To clarify, this doesn’t mean you will always ‘feel’ tingly or on a spiritual high- that’s not what I mean when I say you must feel. What I mean is that God’s gift to us to remind us we are human, in need of a God who wants to comfort and rescue us, is emotions- the ability to fully experience our brokenness and frailty.

I know far too many people who take pride in their capabilities to “move on” past things, and in doing so they have created a massive disconnect to emotions rooted in pride. Being aware of our emotions doesn’t justify an ungodly response to them, but it does mean recognizing them. A good marriage requires communication about how we feel, but when we bottle it up, eventually it comes out really ugly. Likewise, we are to be in a communicative, healthy marriage with God. What we do in our efforts to disconnect our emotions is we create a hardened heart, ultimately a disconnect to our relationship with God.

Our soul is the way the Spirit ministers to us. God releases love, comfort and peace by way of our emotions. Making ourselves to believe that we do not, maybe even cannot, grieve or feel the emotions of anger or loss can cause a gap between receiving the love of a God who cares about what we are going through.

God loves you. He wants you to be available to his love. All it takes is simply asking for God to release his peace to you, allowing His Spirit to minister to your soul. Step one is simply feeling, allowing yourself to experience the full emotions of loss, anger, or sadness, and asking for healing. David of the Psalms shows us what a relationship with God can look like- one that is fully in tune with every emotion, and one that allows the full experience of God’s ministering love. Be encouraged friends, be strong, be wise, be loved, but do not shut out a love that casts out all fear because of pride.


“God, you are good God. You listen, you hear us, you show compassion, and you comfort us in times of grief. Help us to feel you, like David of the Psalms, help us to have a relationship with you that converses and feels the emotions of true love. Help us to allow you to minister to us, do not allow us to harden our hearts, remove pride that might get in the way. We love you God. Amen.”


Psalm 22 | Ephesians 4: 17-32

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