ECHO Devotional: Day 2 – God in Your Crosshairs

God in Your Crosshairs

“For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.  Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images . . . “  (Romans 1:21, ESV)

I’m in the process of shopping for a new rifle for my son’s13th birthday.  When I look for a rifle, I want one that has a scope already mounted on it and sighted in.  Sighted means that no adjustments need to be made when aiming.  You simply look through the scope, put the crosshairs on your target, and pull the trigger. The bullet will hit where you put the crosshairs.

When shooting a gun, there is nothing more frustrating or disappointing than putting the crosshairs right where they should be and yet still missing the target.  This usually means the sights are off and adjustments need to be made. 

Have you figured this out yet in regards to God?  Have you discovered any area of your life that is missing the mark?  The word ‘sin’ means “to miss the mark”.  With God, the adjustment isn’t in figuring out how to stop sinning, but rather it’s focusing on how to get your life sighted correctly.

Here’s how to sight your life correctly:  gather all of your honor and all of your thanks and direct every single bit of it toward God.  When it comes to honoring God and thanking God, it’s imperative we understand how important these are to knowing God in the way He wants to be known. 

Get this:  you can’t truly know God until your mouth and actions specifically target him.  Targeting Him is putting big crosshairs on Him through your words and actions.   Crosshairs are used to help a person who is trying to shoot a target.  Wherever you put the crosshairs is where the bullet will hit. 

Here’s how to get God in your crosshairs, “Become a worshiper of God.  Worshipers of God are people who express love through honor of God and gratitude to God in everything.”  It requires focus and a lot of intentionality.

Honor:  To effectively aim all glory or value properly by showing or giving proper weight to God.

Thank:  this word is “eucharisteo”, meaning “good grace” or “be thankful for God’s grace”.

God’s number one commandment for people who know him is to have no other gods in their life at all.  This means nothing else drives his people or has their affection more.  Knowing God requires Him having first place in our hearts.

If you truly know God, then you’ll keep him in the crosshairs of your life’s focus.  You’ll aim everything you do at bringing him the highest honor.  You’ll zero in all thanksgiving to God.  Your heart will shift from you to him. 


What’s the difference between having you in the crosshairs of your honor and thanks vs. having God in the target?  Write out what it means to target God with all thanks and honor. What does this look like?


If you were to shift the focus of your day-to-day life from being self-fulfilling to being God-honoring, what would change?  What would actually shift?


So, why do you exist?  Why are you here on earth?  Take a moment to process God’s design and purpose for your life and your relationship with Him.  What are your next steps for getting more into focus with his heart for you?



Father, I believe you created me for your purposes and according to your design.  You have given me the assignment of enjoying you and walking in your love for me.  You have a plan for my life.  You have a purpose for me.  Today, I ask you to open my eyes and my heart to your will.  Teach me how to know you and your will, in Jesus’ Name, amen.


  • BAPTISM – if you have never been baptized after receiving salvation, go to and register for baptism today.
  • GROWTH TRACK – register today for Step 1, 2 or 3 in the Growth Track at  Then tell someone about what is happening in your journey to Know God.
  • GET IN A GROUP – explore the opportunities to connect with other people in an Anchor Group at  You will grow and you will help others grow in their faith. 

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