Church Services in Princeton, Texas

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life."
- Proverbs 13:12

If you’ve recently moved to Princeton, Texas and are looking for a sense of community, Anchor Church is the answer. Our goal is to have everyone feel an overwhelming sense of home when they walk through our doors and join us each Sunday. We want to help you find His love in your life and be a part of our family.

What You’ll Find

Our Welcome to Church Party is designated for any newcomers that would like more information about Anchor Church. Along with that, you’ll have the chance to meet our staff and leadership, and really make long-lasting connections with everyone that’s involved in our community.

Our Growth Track is just that; its geared to help you discover your purpose and change your world! As you move through the classes, you’ll discover more about the church, and in no time, find your place on the dream team once you’ve completed the entire track.

Baptism above all else is a symbol of discipline to your faith and that you’ve entrusted Jesus with your salvation. Princeton residents from all walks of life can take this leap and change their lives. At Anchor Church, we believe that when you choose to be baptized, you’re declaring yourself a solid follower of Jesus Christ, you’re ready to start a changed life with Jesus Christ, and you’re ready to be part of a new family.

The Dream Team at Anchor Church will provide a strong sense of purpose and empowerment as you follow God’s plan for you. Our team brings God’s dream to reality, regardless of your expertise or interest, we have a place for you. Once you complete our form, you’re on your way to joining our Dream Team.

Anchor Church

We’ve curated an entire team that represents Anchor Church to cover any questions that may come up from visiting our church. Whatever questions you may have can be answered by us before you decide to start attending service regularly. If you live in Princeton and are looking for a group of people that will become family, Anchor Church is the place to go. If you’re still interested in viewing sermons from Pastor Jenkins, please visit here, we’d love for you to see what it’s like in our place of worship!