Church Services in Anna, Texas

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life."
- Proverbs 13:12

There are a lot of reasons why you might be looking for a church in Anna, Texas. Maybe you moved here recently, or maybe you’re looking to bring yourself closer to God. No matter the impetus for your visit, Anchor Church is devoted to fostering a welcoming environment for all of God’s children.

Three Sundays in Anna, Texas

To join our church, you need to give us the first three Sundays of the month. On the first Sunday, we have a Welcome to Church Party. This gives you the opportunity to meet our staff in a more casual atmosphere.

On the second Sunday, we’ll discuss who we are and why we do what we do. This gives us a chance to convey the beliefs of the church, and what steps you’re expected to take as you move closer to God.

On the third Sunday, we’ll focus less on the path and more on our beliefs. We’ll explain how the beauty of God is expressed through you. You can find a more detailed list of what we believe in our Statement of Belief. After the third Sunday, we hope you choose to join our church!

Baptism in Anna

Baptism is both a celebration and a symbol. It’s an important moment in every Christian’s life, as it shows you’re following the teachings of Jesus Christ, who himself was baptized. We hold baptisms regularly after church, allowing Christians in Anna to be born anew.

We baptize babies, but only with the understanding that this is a promise made between the parents and God. The baby should be baptized at a later date, when they make a conscious, informed decision to follow Christ.

We also perform baptisms for people who have already been baptized, if their original baptism did not signify a major rebirth.

You can sign up for upcoming events here.


If you still want to learn more about us before attending a Welcome to Church Party, you can listen to Pastor Jeff Jenkins’s sermons here. We welcome all of God’s children and hope you consider us as you develop your spiritual beliefs.