God's Dream Alive in You


Anchor Church is united with one vision to help people Know God, Discover Purpose and Change Their World. We're building a team to help develop healthy followers of Jesus in all of our areas of influence.

We Love God.

We Love People.

We Bring Our Best.

We Choose Joy.


When it comes down to it, the most valuable thing we can offer as team members of Anchor is a vibrant relationship with God. The more we love God, the more we love people.  The most powerful way we love is by bringing our best - together.  We consider it a privilege to serve Christ in His mission.


We do everything we can to help people to know God, discover purpose, and change their world.


For us, our whole team is passionate about leveraging all we can to make disciples.  This means we leverage the latest technology, best ideas and most effective ways to empower leaders to be bold, solve problems and remove every barrier possible to help people follow Jesus.




There is nothing more fulfilling than getting to bring your best with people you love.


We value doing life and ministry together for a long time. We do all we can to promote vibrant, fun, healthy, supportive, challenging and rewarding work relationships.  We do this to bring the highest honor to Jesus.

Anchor Church is a family where your role and your best matters.


We desire this to be the place where the dream of God comes fully alive in you.  Your story, skills, talents and passions are designed to work together for you.  God is revealing His story through Anchor Church and we want to see if you could be a part of His story here.