Goal:  $1,608,000

ALREADY FULLY FUNDED:  $9,979,495.00
02/2022 GOAL:  $1,608,000.00
As of 12/31/2022 RECEIVED:  $1,546,600.00
As of 3/13/2023 REMAINING NEED:  $61,400.00

(For Finishing Items that were affected by inflation and nation-wide price increases. These items include all Audio, Visual, Lighting, and Furniture for Anchor Kids, Sanctuary, Lobby, Class Rooms, and Offices).
The Bloomdale Project is Anchor Church's opportunity to deepen our resolve to offer the hope of Jesus Christ to our city and beyond. Construction of Anchor Church will be on the corner of Bloomdale Road and Community Avenue in McKinney, TX. Anchor Church's new home is the very first construction project opening up the new extension of Bloomdale Road.

As we reflect on the incredible ways God has moved in and through Anchor Church, we recognize that because of your generosity, we are a significant part of helping people in our area experience hope.

 Looking to the future, we are asking for meaningful investments and a strong pledge towards the finishing-items of the Bloomdale Project that will be fulfilled by the end of October 2022.

Through your generosity and faithfulness, we will continue to see more people come to know Jesus as we love God, love people, and change the world together.

Pray. Hear God. Obey.

Miracles happen when people hear God and obey his voice.  The Lord loves His church and He is passionate about building it through the hands of his servants.

As you pray about your kingdom partnership - have fun and get filled with joy in doing your part to build the house of God. This building belongs to the Lord.
God bless you in every way! Best Ahead!

Hope is Alive and Well.

The Bloomdale Project is a physical expression of God’s faithfulness, a reflection of our purpose, and a way for Anchor Church to fortify our commitment to our city by building a permanent haven of hope for McKinney and beyond.